Elk hunting 2015 problems with .338 225 accubond

Huntin Fool,

The 225 accubond was my go to bullet in my 338 rum for quite a while. I killed numerous mule deer and quite a few elk with the bullets and never had a failure. One year I went to the black hills and tried to recover a 225 in a white tail. I killed 2 does and a buck using frontal shots on the does and recovered 0 bullets but all were DRT. I think nosler has made some bad batches of the 225. My go to bullet right now is the 300 gr Berger OTM and with the exception of extreme expansion, every animal I have shot has been DRT with the exception of a bull shot at 750 yards that made it 40 yards and piled up. Most of my shots with the bergers have not exited. My barrel twist is 9.3 and I think it helps with the expansion.
If they expand...I'd bet money you'd find them in the 5th or 6th jug, using plain old water.
Not likely to make it that far if they expand.

The quicker they expand the quicker their energy is expended shortening penetration unless they do as some ballistic tips I shot years ago and turn completely inside out.

Often a rapidly expanding bullet will also instead of tracking straight through make rather abrupt and sharp turns in which case you're not likely to recover them at all.
Congrats to you all! That sounds like a morning dreams are made of.
When my kids started hunting elk with a 270win, I had them use the 130 AB. My daughter shot a cow at 60 yards in the chest, bullet went through and cow went 50yards. The front of the bullet came apart for great terminal damage and the base went on through. I was pleased. However, her next was a 6 point bull at 475 and she shot him twice, 2 inches apart, through both lungs, and i was watching the bullets hit dirt on the other side. He wobbled and fell.
Since then, i recoved one out of a bull my wife shot and it was a perfect mushroom. This bull was close and he face planted.
I have seen many elk shot with up to a 338 and recognize how tough they are, however, i like my bullets to open up on game so i went back to the ballistic tips which i have used for years.
I thought the ABLR would be better since it has a lower terminal velocity than any others, i think down to 1300 from 1600 or 1800 for the others, but i have not tried them.
I still have about 15-20 of these loaded up. I will make a target and see what happens. Might be a couple weeks before I get to it. Thanks for all the input guys.
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