.338 225 Grain ELDX for Elk

I found the thread as well. Looks like a COUPLE of people mentioned the ELDX but was mostly a “Rah, Rah” about each individual’s favorite bullet which is quite ok. Makes for interesting reading. I have both 225 & 250 Accubonds and various weight TTSX’s and am quite familiar with them. I am pretty interested to hear of some actual field experience on elk using the 225 ELDX.
I have a friend that shoots the 143 6.5 ELDX at close to 3000 FPS and he’s killed everything he’s shot with it stone dead. Only a couple of young cow elk with it though….
I have 230gr ELDX loaded as well as some 225gr CX and 185gr TTSX just to see what the hun likes hopefully.

The CX and TTSX are probably only a 600yrd bullets based on impact speed and expansion.

I only plan to shoot 500 or under so that doesn't scare me.
I don't shoot a 338 mag, but I've had zero issues with eldm's at muzzle velocity (2600fps). I doubt eldx's would be more "fragile"

I don't believe bullets "blow up"...do bullets fail occasionally? Sure. Do they "blow up" (vaporize?) upon impacting tissue? Doubt it.

How ‘bout ……fragmentation to a degree of utter (not udder) uselessness! 😂 memtb
If any 230 gr. bullet with a sectional density of .288 won't kill an elk, then you probably should get yourself a .50 BMG.

If you're 20 yards away, shoot them in the head, neck, or heart.

That’s not always possible! Many hunters can’t pass on an elk, perhaps a once in a lifetime hunt…..while waiting on the “easy” kill shot!

If the “ONLY” shot you have, one your last day of hunting, on your only hunt, and all you have is a Texas Heart Shot”…..having a capable cartridge/bullet can save the hunt for you!

Or in my case, I have more opportunities than many, but if I want guaranteed elk in the freezer…..I won’t hesitate to place a bullet “between the cheeks”! memtb
Nice living in a place where we have lotsa opportunities.
When I used to travel and do short non res elk hunts I was alway stressed trying to get it done in a relatively short period of time
Ya you're probably right, the armor plated elk shoulder, impenetrable....Unless you're shooting depleted uranium rounds. 🙄

My wife killed her first elk with a borrowed .243 Win. and will quickly tell you it was pure luck. She’s since taken game with a 264 WM, a 270 Win, and for the past 28 years ….a .338 WM.

She will not hesitate to tell you she much prefers the .338 WM for taking game! Without any real knowledge of ballistics, forum discussions, and other drivel…..she can easily make up her mind on which cartridge she deems as more effective!

Do ya have a source for “depleted uranium“ bullets in something under .284”……she may go back to children’s rifles! 🙀 memtb