Eberlestock J107 vs J107M


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Feb 28, 2009
Valdosta, GA
I've been researching hunting packs and have narrowed it down to the Eberlestock. I'm leaning towards the J107 instead of the J34 but I'm interested in getting more information on the J107M. Does anyone have experience comparing the J107 with the J107M? I don't have a place around here to look at one. I plan to use it in multiple places; Wyoming, Alaska, and maybe down here for some white tail or hog.

Niceville, FL
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I've got the J105, which now must be the J34 and it worked out great on an elk hunt. It can carry as much as you can carry!
I'm 5'10" and it fits me fine.
I've heard taller guys may get a better fit with the J107.
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The J34 replaced the J104. I have the J34, and it's about as good as it gets in a pack. Eberlestock says the J107 is for the taller guys, I'm 6'1" and the J34 fits me well.
I just packed out a mule deer, not the whole thing, with my j107 Dragonfly.
I'm amazed how well it carried all the weight without being uncomfortable. I'm only 5'8" at least in the morning ;-)) and it fits me.
I like using the removable fanny pack for coyote hunting here in WI but the whole package was what I needed in WY.
I have been reading about the Dragonfly J107 this past 4 days, and without a doubt they are the next backpack I am buying!!! They actually have a deal in the webpage, where you can get the J107, and some accessories for $415. J107 Dragonfly "Kit and Caboodle," from $415- Look for them as Backpack Package deals.
I believe the only difference between the J107 and the J107M are the colors of the backpack. The J107M comes in military colors, and the J107 comes in different camo patterns.
That's exactly what I needed to hear. That someone who's 5'8" can wear a J107. I think I'll go for that model in one of the non-mil options. I was also looking at the package deal and will probably go for that also. Does anyone have experience with the 2 sizes of expansion packs and which might be better?

Niceville, FL
You may want to check that statement about the mil spec packs being the same, but different colours. I think the MIl spec ones are the heavy duty material that holds it shape far better than the base model ? Could be wrong too !


I have the M3 Mcmillan operator pack.. and its the best pack I have ever seen. Great internal organisation with a place for everything so you dont have to empty your pack to get something in the bottom. I know in an instant where all my toys are. Then when you have to pack something out, unzip the centre internal zip and you have a big " jam it all in pack " I personally found some of the baisc models did not have the organisation that I needed, therefore the M3 suited me.

Great pack no matter what one you buy. Great to deal with too !

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Down Under Hunter,
I believe you are right about the differences between the J107 and the J107M. After checking the internet information, it states that the J107M is made out of 1000d cordura nylon with multiple polyurethane coatings, and the J107 it says that is made of NT-1. I dont know if there are any other differences than that and their color.
They both look like an awesome backpack.
I know that I looked and trailled a couple ( gunslinger basic and J104) they were both the basic versions and I felt they didn't keep their shape as well and the M versions. The M3 also has the wider scabbard so you can put the big guns stock down and not have the " heavy scope and reciever section" sticking up in the air. If you have a 15 lb rifle in barrel first as most do they are uncomfortably top heavy and sway back and forth whilst climbing. Very uncomfortable. Also when you go stock first the big scope is inside and protected, only the big barrel exposed.'

Kinda depends on your setup. I dont think a gunslinger is big enough to be the most comfortable carting a 55" long rifle. But thats just me ?

The mil spec are tough, tough ,tough. Very impressive. Have you had them side by side ?

The M3 also has the wider scabbard so you can put the big guns stock down and not have the " heavy scope and reciever section" sticking up in the air. DUH[/QUOTE said:
That is my only complaint with mine, the scabbard could be wider. It's a tight fit with my bipods on my pistols.
All this info has helped tremendously. I like the fact that the J107M has a more durable pack fabric and I especially like the wider scabbard so I can carry my rifle butt down. Thanks for all the feedback. I'll probably get the J107M sometime soon in preparation for next year's hunting season. I'd like to get one sooner than later so I'll have time to use it before the hunt. I have a nice 14 mile trail near my house I use to test equipment. My wife drops me off at one end and picks me up at the other the next day. It's still Florida and relatively flat but it's better than nothing.

Niceville, FL
I just finished up another Alaska goat hunt using the eberlstock J107. My biggest load I have carried in the pack is about #150. It is a comfortable pack but it carries the weight low. It has lasted several hunts in the mountains of Alaska so I would definately recommend it for you. Definately get the camp duffel. You can place meat in the big compartment closer to your back and carry your lightweight camp in the duffel without the weight pulling the pack away from your back.
Thank you for the reply, that is just the type of information that I need, even though this is not my thread, it has been very helpful. Do you recommend the regular camp duffel or the super camp duffel.
Do you know any other differences between the J107 and the J107M that are not the colors and the materials they are made of?
Thanks, and welcome to LRH, I see you just made your first post, I believe you will enjoy it a lot, I do!!!:D
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