Eberlestock J34 vs J107


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Aug 1, 2007
Canterbury, New Zealand
My current pack is 23 years old and is nearly at the end of it's life. I am looking at replacing it with one of these Eberlestock J34 packs.

I generally do a lot of hunting from tents, typically a 3-4 hour walk with all the gear, tent, cooker etc. So far I have only used the traditional one compartment type pack.

Has anyone tried both these packs? I am particularly interested in what type of harness system the J34 uses. I have seen the J107 harness on their website.

I am 6' 4" and 190 lbs.

How do these packs feel when fully loaded with the spike camp duffel attached to the back of the pack, they look a bit like they would pull back a bit.

Any pros or cons of either model would be greatly appeciated.


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I have experience with the j107. I'm a backpack hunter and own several different packs. Here is the first thing I will say about the j107 with crazy loads: I'm selling all the rest of my packs! Light loaded heavy loaded this thing is awsome! I use it as a day pack up to a 7 day hunt pack. I had 100 lbs. in it completely expanded and got out of the bottom of a canyon with unscathed shoulders. It is very balanced when used correctly. You have to spend some time adjusting it but once you get it right it's a dream.
I just got back from deer hunting today with the dragonfly. Hauled in 50 lbs. no sore shoulders. I love this pack. It distributes all the wait to your hips. Like I said in a previous post however you have to spend time adjusting it correctly. You can also pull out the support straps and bend them to your back curviture. They show you how on the the site.
Between 4 of we have a J107 (me) and J104, J34 and a blue widow. The J34 has the same packframe as the 104, but with the length adjustment from a 107. The other features are easily seen on the website. The frame of the 107 is much sturdier than the frame of the 104. The 104/34 is no slouch but for a heavy load the 107 is much easier on your back. I also find that my pack allows more air across the middle of your back and lets the sweat evaporate better. The newer packs have a different foam in the shoulder straps, they seem to absorb less sweat and breath a little better.

I really enjoy mine, hopefully you will like yours.
Thought Id post my 2 cents.
First I only bowhunt so it will be from a different prespective.
I have a J104, J107, and Blue Widow. Ive tried many packs as Im kinda a bivy elk hunt nut. And E packs do exactly what I need. Thought my Mystery ranch CC was gonna be "IT" but like the Bluw widow better.
The BW carries a heavy meat load closer to my spine than any pack the !)& is close but you can feel sag from the scabbard and opposing pocket area.
I guess the Blue widow can have a scarrard added so this might be a option to check out.
If you haul heavy meat loads out, Ive found it makes a difference.
Ive carried entire cow elk boned in one trip with both the BW and J series, both good but only use my BW anymore.
good luck
Thanks for the feedback L-train. I had looked at the Blue Widow and thought it looked pretty good. I might have to bring it back into consideration. I don't have to have the scabbard, but some of our alpine hunting in NZ makes a scabbard a bonus.


Hey Kiwi3006, I am also in the hunt for a replacement daypack but spend most of my time in the central North Island mostly bush hunting. I have not found any solid reference on the Eberlestock packs re the quietness of the pack material when hunting - do you think the 107 is going to be suitable in this environment?
Plade, Ill give ya my opinion on that.
I sold my mystery ranch crew cab because the goretex like material was loud. The Ebrele packs have a pratty soft chamois finish that makes them not as noisy.
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