E-mail or phone #'s for IOR?


Sep 23, 2003
E-mail or phone #\'s for IOR?

I couldn't find any phone #'s or email contact for IOR Valdada on their website. Just wanted to see if any of you guys knew of a way to contact them for questions? Thanks
Re: E-mail or phone #\'s for IOR?

Call Chris Gilchrest at (919) 477-0550 or email at [email protected]

he is ior distributor for NC and VA region and gives big discount to International Benchrest Shooting (IBS) members. IBS membership is $40 and 36 of that is subscription to Precision Shooting magazine.

Re: E-mail or phone #\'s for IOR?

telephone of IOR in Little Town (CO ) is 303 979 45 78

good shooting

Re: E-mail or phone #\'s for IOR?

Did you get anny e-mail adress to IOR?
I sent a mail to Chris Gilchrest, to se if he could help me. I ordered a 1.1-4x24 scope from www.valdada.com, and havent got a orderconfirm yet (ordered it on monday or tuesday). A friend of mine got the scope in 5 days (all the way to norway), I`m realy concerned that my order didnt go trough..
And I really need a scope for my sig 551swat..

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