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Jun 18, 2007
NE Wyoming
back away from your rifle scope to the point can only see just the crosshair area?

The given in this question is that your parallax is properly adjusted.

The reason for the question is that I am considering putting a high mag rifle scope on a 6.5-284 XP-100 handgun.

the answer to your question is no, it can only help you to center your eye on the scopes axis even better, which reduces the parallax even if it does exist and cannot be adjusted out.

I'm going to do the same thing with my 308 Savage Striker, not sure what scope I'll try out yet, but the pistol scope has got to go, I just hold mine too close to make use of it. A rifle scope will be just about right for me and how I use it. If I "choke up" to get better stability it would work perfect, where the Burris 2-7 I have on it now just don't work unless it's at arms length, and my arms are pretty long too.
Yes Brent, I'm having the same problem with a center grip XP 6.5-284 with 3-12X Burris LER. I'm considering a custom base to move it forward some. Any ideas on that one?? I'm wondering the same question as XP has, if there aren't some longer eye relief rifle scopes will work better.
I have not really looked into the total eye relief of any of them in particular yet, I don't have the cash to buy one now is why, but I think the Leupold will work great for my situation though. I'm not sure what power I'll get it in but they also seem to be a bit more generous on eye relief than the others I looked at, in addition to being easier to look through.

This is one of the main reasons I went with a 3.5-10x40 VXIII for my 416wby, the eye relief. Turns out though, I cannot get back far enough with a proper cheak weld to even make use of it all, even with it forward all the way and an extra 1" length of pull. I thought I'd need all I could get with the recoil and all, but tuns out it works just perfect.

I have never considered an extended base, but I did see one made by USO lately for using an NVD unit on the ocular of the scope, this might work perfect though. I want to keep the scope where it is though, so I'll just switch it out with a rifle scope in the future. I have a shoulder holster type affair for it, and it just wouldn't work if I moved it forward any more.

I position the scope up real close right now, and would like it almost as close as my rifle scopes so how the scopes sight picture looks and reacts when my eye is off center to the scopes axis is what largely determined my choice. This happens quite a bit to me as I aquire the target in a pistol not having a butstock. The leopold seems to allow ones eye to be more off center and still retain the sight picture better, this is a big part.

Good luck on gettin it all fixed up, whichever way you go.
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