Does anyone hunt with 22-250 anymore?

I bought a Remington XR100R from a fellow Idahoan here. I bedded the action, tweaked the trigger and worked a test ladder up. Shot it for the first time last week with some 40gr V max. The last test load of the ladder gave me this 5 round group at 100 yards. Must have yanked the trigger on the first shot. Oh ya I’m happy with it.


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Made my longest kill shot on a prairie dog (1002 yards) on a Mauser 98 action with pencil barrel shooting 40 grain Molly coated bullets. 35 mile per hour wind at my back. Love that gun! Wish I could still go dogging.
I do like my 22-250's! My 788 shoots 55 Ballistic Tips into one hole and has accounted for hundreds of New Mexico prairie dogs. Hang time and splatter factor is the way we used to judge the success of the shoots. I was lucky enough to find a 1-7" Barrett Fieldcraft three years ago and love it. So far the 75 Scirocco has done a great job on our Texas whitetails and hogs but I'm trying to find a load using the 64 and 70 grain Hammes. Does anyone here have a good load with the Hammers in a quick twist 22-250?
I was told RL26 with the 73gr AH in my 22-250ai, 7 twist.
I thought I was switching to 22 Creedmoor and did (I buy 3 of every caliber to keep my boys and I shooting the same round) but I’ve circled back to the 22-250 with 50-55 gr bullets for night calling. Use the 22CM for 75 gr up, longer range stuff.
I was comparing the case dimensions of a 22 creedmoor to a 22-250. I think I could make srp 22-250 by just sizing down srp 22 CM brass to 22-250. There is one spot that makes me question it. Only one way to find out for sure.

Plan on turning necks and go for it!

Same for using 6.5x 47 lapua brass