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May 17, 2010
New Zealand
I've got a chance to get a supressed savage 22-250 for cheap (far to good of a price to pass up) it's primary use will varminting but how versatile is the round? I'm a 30cal guy so this is new territory for me

Probably the best varmint round ever made. Good to go out to about 700 yards. With a premium bullet like the 60 gr. Nosler Partition it's a pretty fair whitetail round for the southern tier if states out to about 300 yards. No recoil and accurate enough to really place your shots. I wouldn't use it on anything over about 150 lbs. field dressed.
Jim, have used the 22-250 when it was still a wildcat...My oldest one is on its 3rd barrel and it is about have worn out...a great caliber...I have shot varmits, turkey, and some medium big game with it..bullets from 30 grain to 70 grain...one heck of a caliber..these days I like the Swift a bit more or the AI version, but std. caliber is a winner...You can shoot a 30 gr. Berger as fast as a 204 and still have the optionof using a 60 grain Nosler Part. on deer...:)
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