Does anyone have a list?


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Jul 30, 2007
I'm looking for a list of the action threads for bolt action rifles. Diameter and thread pitch for the common manufacturers. Remington, Winchester, Savage, Tikka, Sako Ruger, etc. The idea is taking the Remage concept further. I've noticed more companies are offering pre-fit barrels with barrel nuts for more versitility.
The only place I have seen such a list is in the rear of the book Bolt Action Rifles by Frank de Haas. I only have the first edition printed in 1971 but I believe that there were at least 2 other newer editions both of which may have some of the newer designed rifles.
I have one I found online from TSJC gunsmithing school years ago- try searching online for it.
The print quality wasn't great for all of it, but it's an extensive library including lots of milsurps.

ETA: Here ya go...


  • Barrel Shank Dimensions (1).pdf
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You're welcome, sir :)
Might make a good "sticky", it has a lot of more obscure barrel specs.
The print quality on some pages isn't great, but most is at least readable.
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