Does anyone here ....

have a rifle built by Jim See at Center Shot Rifles If so how do you like it?

I love mine and it shoots great.
It wasn't a rifle, but it is a specialty pistol. It shoots as good or better than most rifles do at 1k though. See his website, and you will see a pic of my 15 year old son.
Gunner, I don't but I have purchased some of his machined parts and i can tell you he is the type of guy that goes the extra mile for his customers. If your on the fence about him doing work for you, don't be. I personally wouldn't hesitate. He's a heck of a good guy and he's built lots of fine rifles for members of this forum.
No rifles built, but have had him do his factory accuracy done to one of my rifles and some work on an AR and both were top notch and both rifles shoot much better. If I had the money I would have him build me one, still saving for my first full custom and he is definately one of the gunsmiths I am considering.
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