Do you use a light daypack for hunting?

I use my Kifaru AMR for day hunts. It compresses down nicely. It's 7800 cu in and weighs 6.5 lbs.

FWIW: it hauls elk like a dream.
I have three Mystery Ranch packs and use them based on what my hunting trip requires. For 5 to 7 day hunts I use my Marshall pack and compress it for use as a day pack during each day of hunt from base camp during that trip. For 2 to 5 days I use my Metcalf pack and also compress it for use as a day pack each day out. For one or two days out I use my Crew Cab with the Mystery Ranch accessory lid, it expands nicely to fit your needs or pack out game.
I went from a Badlands 2200 for all my hunting to a MR Metcalf. I couldn't be happier with the Metcalf. I use it on all my day hikes as it compresses down.
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