What do you use as a lightweight ground cloth in your floorless shelter?

I carry a Tarptent Moment DW tent (30 oz. W/ 2 MSR Ground Hog stakes) which is totally enclosed so I don't need a groundcloth.

I'm a backpacker and have found this tent to be THE best solo tent going. It's made of silnylon and is lighter than anything but a Cuben fiber tarp and a hell of a lot less money.

Very aerodynamic in high winds and has a nice vestibule for cooking out of the storm. The vestibule can also hold my pack to one side , away from the door.

It's called a "Moment" because it takes about one minute to set it up after you have practiced two or three times. Tarptent's customer service is outstanding.

Plus, it is MADE IN USA.
(Nevada City, California)
I use a 5x7 nylon tarp from Wal-Mart that I think I purchased for around $10. It packs small and works well under a pad but, I've also used it atop my down sleeping bag to minimize condensation. It's hard not to have one in your pack based on its utility.

Take a look at "Backpacking Light" and read the forum for a while. Then sign up for the forum so you can join the discussion. You will learn what to buy and, just as important, what not to buy.

If you want to be able to read the articles and see the videos ya gotta pay $25./year. Worth it to me.

This site has the best info on how to lighten your pack and still be comfortable in camp. Pack light, eat well, sleep well and stay dry.

Remember, if your scoped rifle and, say, 10 rounds of ammo weigh 10 lbs. that's a lot of extra weight on top of maybe 30 to 40 lbs of other gear in your pack. I can go for 7 days with a 35 lb. hunting pack PLUS my 9 lb rifle and ammo. In deep winter that pack weight goes up 5 lbs.
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