DIY custom rifle build


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Jan 5, 2012
Looking for advice on a DIY custom rifle build. Right now I have a sendero, with a timney and a Huskamaw that I put together and can shoot from 0 yards to 850 yards no problem. I was thinking about doing a custom build.

First, Is there any machining necessary or can I buy everything ready to go and just assemble.

Second, are there any good books someone could recomend that can guide me through the process.

Also, if anyone has any recommendations for the most economical good shooting custom bill of material for 1000 yards I would appreciate it.

Here's what I'm thinking about:
Kreiger Barrel
Rem 700 action

Timney Triger
Bell and Carlson Stock


bbl - bartlein , lilja, or proof research
defiance, stiller or Surgeon action
Jewell trigger

manners or McM stock


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Jan 16, 2013
First off do you have a price point you would like to reach? That will help make some choices easier. Youre choices sound very good. McMillian or Manners are great stocks. I like the Mcmillian a little more but that is just personal preference. Jewell triggers are good as well. As far as machining goes its yes and no, yes if you choose a barrel that does not use a barrel nut as the tennon will be cut and headspace will be set on a lathe using the shoulder of the barrel. Also you could get a short chambered barrel and just use a finish reamer to take it to final headspace. There is also a barrel by pac nor that uses a barrel nut like savage that is chambered and ready to go and you set the headspace with the barrel nut. As far as other machining no unless you wanted the stock inletted for some sort of bottom metal with detachable mags. But if you are going this far usually you will have the action blue printed by a gunsmith and then might as well have them install a barrel. If you are to do it yourself at the very least you will need a barrel vise/action wrench, a set of go/no go headspace gauges and a torque wrench would be nice. If a smith was to install the barrel i would go with a oversized recoil lug also. Once this is finished i would bed the stock with either marine tex or pro bed 2000 are my best compounds i use.

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