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  • Hello sir! I would like to purchase a deathrip ball head conversion if still available
    I will be shipping the next batch out next week. Full kit is $110 total.
    Paypal (sent as friends and family) is easiest for me if that works for you then my paypal is [email protected] or 9897630503. Ven-mo works also, my ven-mo is @Boa-Bongard. Please let me know your shipping address also and I will get you tracking info once it ships. Thanks.
    I would like to purchase: $ 33Hornady comparator large. Let me know how to get you the funds.
    Casey Quimby
    2053 Viking St.
    Vidalia, LA 71373
    Bet you're overwhelmed by requests. I'm gonna ditto that I don't know how to PM on this website.
    I can't seem to find instructions to PM you, so I hope that this works.
    I would like to have one of the large racks with the shell holders spaces, in the wall mount version, and in red.
    PayPal is preferred by me, if that works for you.
    Thank you,
    I would like a large in red, please. I can venmo if that works for you. Or Paypal FF
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