Deer and Elk Hunt


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Mar 17, 2002
We just got back from a Elk and Deer hunt in Colorado. We scouted for 2 days hiking 13 miles in on the first day and 6 miles on the 2nd day. We also checked our zeros on the rifles at 250 and 400 meters. On opening day we decided to set up on the back side of a cliff over looking a far mountain that we had spotted some elk the previous day. We got up at 4 AM and got some breakfast and headed out to the cliff we arrived at 7 AM. We set up the Wild range finder and the 338 Nawakwa rifle on the side of the cliffs. As the side of the mountain started to light up Rob spotted some Elk in the Aspens I ranged them at 1425 meters. There was one 4x4 in the herd. I looked at the drop chart and turned in the 36 Moa for elevation and estimated 6 Moa for wind. We viewed the Elk for over 1hr feeding with his herd but decided not to shoot them. He got spooked by something and the herd ran into the black timber. Rob and I hung out in the area for the rest of the day with no success. On day 2 we decided to set up on a hill just out of camp there was 3 small deer bucks on the far mountain I ranged one of the bucks at 1850 meters. I looked at the drop chart and it called for 53.25 Moa I dialed it into the scope and put 12 Moa in for the wind and fired 3 spotter shots and made the adjustments that were required. I centered the cross hair on just behind the shoulder and squeezed the trigger. We both saw the hit. The bullet went through the deer's chest and dirt sprayed up behind him. The deer made it over the mountain into the black timber on the back side. We headed out to look for the deer. On arrival there was a good blood trail to follow into the timber I could see where the deer started to roll down the incredibly steep mountain bouncing off trees leaving a red painted look to the bark. The deer came to rest around 200 yards down the mountain and on examination where the bullet had exited I could put my fist threw the hole. We deboned him and went back to camp for some tender loin lunch. On day 3 we had 12" of new snow so we went for a long hike looking for fresh Elk tracks it was snowing so hard we could only see 100 meters most of the time. We only saw fresh deer tracks in the 12hrs we hunted that day. On day 4 we were both very tired and wanted to take it easy so we went to a meadow at the bottom of the mountain. I decided to go for a hike and left Rob to cover the mountain. I stalked to the east along the edge of the mountain. I heard some shooting to the east of where I was so I got in a clearing that I could see up to the top of the mountain. I saw a nice Elk and ranged him at 597 meters with a Leica 1200 LRF. I shot one shot as he was moving and missed. I took off running to the west to see if I could get into the next clearing before the Elk moved through the clearing. When I arrived in the clearing there was a log laying 20 meters from where I popped out of the timber. I dove to the log and laid my rifle over for support. Being the Elk looked to be about the same distance I did not range the Elk again. I put the cross hair the same distance over the Elk's back as the thickness of his body and pulled the trigger. I saw the bullet impact the Elk's side a little back from where I wanted so I put another round in the chamber and fired another and another firing 3 times. The Elk fell over and started to slide down the mountain on the 12" of snow we had. He slid over 100 meters before his antlers dug in and stopped him. I went over to where I left Rob and we went up the mountain. We quartered the Elk and removed the tender loins and back straps I had hit the Elk with all 3 bullets 2 in the lungs and one just back from the lungs.

Here is a pic from 1500 meters

More pics to come
Crow Mag

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Eric is being a bit modest! He totally kicked my rear on that mountain! While I was sucking air he was running like a mad man! Did see a good number of elk and had a great time.
338 Nawakwa Seems to be a vey potent chambering! First the rock chuck at some gigantic range now this deer at an even longer range.
Congrats on an extreamly sucessful hunt.
Wow ! I used to have a ruler for fishing where 1/4 inch was marked as an inch. I'm new to the board, but I'll bite fellas, 1850 meters ! What did you use for a scope, the Hubble Telescope? Let's see, 1850 meters equals 2023 yards... that's 263 yards beyond one mile... I thought we told tall stories in Michigan ! This takes bragging rights to a new level....
Congratulations on your success, and I really enjoyed your write up! Good Shooting bro!!!
We shoot 1000 yard and 1 Mile matches in Ohio and Iowa we should get together and go to some next year Kazoo I am just East of Battle Creek.
Here is a pic of the rifle it is a Bat action Kreiger barrel Bear stock Nightforce 8x32 the scope is 0 at 400 Meters at the bottom and has 43 usable Moa + the reticle.


We were also using a Leica spotting scope 20x60 power to see the hits. We also use GPS to comferm the range along with the Wild Range finder.
Crow Mag
Congrats!!! After seeing you shoot in Iowa, and reading other posts I am not surprised. Now since you are accomplishing these feats with a rifle you will have to handicap yourself and start using a specialty handgun and come chase elk with Steve and I. It will be a lot less weight to lug around in the hills.
I'm glad you had a successful season. Look forward to seeing you in Pella in the spring.
Crow Mag num man,

Where do you get a chance to practice at the long ranges? I live west of B.C. It would be interesting to go to a long shoot tournament. When do they start in the spring?
Crow Mag,

Sweeeeeet!!! That's what I'm talkin' about!

And here I was gonna try to impress everyone with shooting a buck at 800yds on a powerline with my "308 Rock Rifle" this year....

Thank you Ernie
I would love to chase Elk with Steve and you with specialty handguns. I would have to build a 300 WSM or 338 WSM on a XP for the occasion. Where could I get a bolt for a XP?

We start shooting April

800 Yards is a long shot comgradulations

Here is a Pic of the Elk

All you have to do is have a smith (I use Greg Tannel, fiftydriver is also an XP lover and a gunsmith) open the boltface. Tannel opened my boltface of my XP (started life as 221 Fireball) for the 7.82 Patriot case which is a tad larger than the WSM case.
This year it will be just Steve & I. I will get to Steve's house in Pueblo on thursday night of Nov. 4th. We will head to the hills on Friday morning after some range time on the plains East of Pueblo.
We hunt between Pagosa & Bayfield CO
Crow Mag,

"800 Yards is a long shot comgradulations"
Well.. Thanks but I haven't done it yet... This December is when I plan to do it. I have located a great powerline in North Florida for my long range hunting this yaer.


I wish you luck in the San Juans. I lived in Central and Northern Colorado for 5 years and stomped the Pike and San Isabel NF and hunted elk and mulies there. My only "long range" handgun that could take an elk is my Encore with a 15" 308 barrel and it might be a bit light in the energy dept. way out there. <sigh>

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