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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by ShooterMedic, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. ShooterMedic

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    Jul 21, 2009
    Well I did not get much from the group so I loaded up about 70 rounds and went shooting.
    I had a chono but my tripod broke, so I do not have as many velocity as i would like to have measured.
    Here are the results for the 223 WSSM. All groups are a five shot from the bench, all velocities are 5 shot average.
    Wincherster 55 gr Factory loads 3864 fps, 2 inch
    Wincherster 64 gr Factory loads 3394 fps, 2 inch
    Hand Loads
    68 gr BTHP Hornady, 41 gr varget, 3450 fps 1.5 inch
    55 gr Moly V-Max 41 gr varget, 1.5 inch
    50 gr V-Max 41 gr varget, 3/4 inch
    50 gr Barns Varmit Grenade 41 gr varget 1 Inch
    68 gr BTHP Hornady 45 gr IMR 4350, 1.5 inch

    More information is will come as soon as I get a new tripod for my chrono, I have about 30 more rounds loaded in IMR 4350 and RL 17, to try out. I just rand out of time to day.
    I was shooting my killer deal, Browning A-Bolt 22 inch barrel, 1-10 twist. I was pleasently suprise with the result. I know the loads are not that hot but I am OK with that.

    I also shot My 300 WSM and was very happy with the results

    I have heard alot about RL-17 powder so I gave it a try.
    I loaded 68 gr of RL-17 pushing a 178gr A-Max
    I shot about 20 rounds and my best groups were 1/4 insh 5 shot groups

    I was shooting a Tikka 24 in sh barrel with a 1-10 toped with a konus scope.

    I will go out again here soon this time with a camera for so pics.