Cut or Button, for LR.


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Mar 12, 2003
Schofield, WI.
Just wondering how you veterans of the LR shootin' scene feel about if a cut rifled barrel can shoot as good as a button rifled? And I had heard(read) that cut barrels will last longer since the lapping process isn't as long and that less stress is put on the steel for a cut barrel. I've talked to both sides and of course they both say theirs is the best way. Example: HS precision has a sniper rifle in their shop that has over 15,000rds that still shoots >moa. Kenny Jarrett says barrel life is overrated. Give me your thoughts DC, S1, Boyd, WW, all you fellows.

Steve Shelp

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May 3, 2001
It's throat erosion from heat/flame that kills a barrel. Not the rifling wearing out. So to me this arguement is irrelevant IMO.

leaving thorat erosion aside.... IF there is a difference in wear between a cut and button barrel, I don't believe you could ever see it in the normal "accuracy" life of a barrel anyway. It would show up well after the "peak" of a barrel. And in this game that barrel has probably already started collecting dust in the corner or has been designated a blow out barrel.

My $.02 worth.


Chris F

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Mar 10, 2003
In my sport; Highpower Rifle Competition it's generally acknowleged (but still subject to many exceptions) that Cut Rifled Barrels tend to last longer than Buttoned Barrels. One theory is that Cut Barrels tend to have taller lands that resist erosion better.

I'm a Service Rifle Shooter and we're looking to replace buttoned barrels at 3500 - 4000 rounds. Kriegers have been going 5000 or longer. But you'll always get the occasional story of the Douglas going 8000 accurate rounds and the Krieger washing out at 3000.

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