SOLD/EXPIRED custom 300 Jazz for sale

308 nate

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Jan 1, 2004
North Dakota
custom 300 Jazz for sale Price dropped to $2900

I have for sale my personal 300 Jazz. This has been an awesome rifle! with lots of life left in it. Here are the build specs.

Defiance machine action .750 raceway with a one piece Defiance bolt, fluted by SSG and bolt shroud by SSG.

Seekins 20 MOA base integrated into recoil lug.

Seekins recoil lug

Rifle basix trigger @1lb-2oz

HS detachable mag system holds three rounds

Brux #5 barrel with interupted fluting 28" finish length 9.5 twist.

SSG Mini X-Treme muzzle brake.

Manners GAT stock with digital camo by Hydro-dip

Pillar bedded by SSG

Karsten cheek piece

Chambered 300Jazz ( AKA 338 norma with a 30 degree shoulder)

Custom Newlon dies chambered and heat treated by SSG

50 pc. of fire formed brass

250 rounds down the tube

Asking price $3100.00 for all the above.

Scope, rings and bi-pod not included.

My load for this hunting season was 89 gr. of retumbo with a 210 Berger. 3150 FPS
I have reports from a customer that he has over 15 reloads on original brass at this pressure.

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Here is a pic of a group I shot this fall before elk season @750yards
with my 300 JAZZ that Nate put together for me.
240gr SMK @ 2900fps. Less than 1/2 MOA @ 750yds.
Nate, Quit useing those thumb hole stocks. You build me right handed rifles but I shoot left handed. I am very left eye dominate. I don't have a 30 cal. at all. Dan Glover
+1 on what Glover said.

300 Jazz would fit in perfect with my 284 Jazz if it was for a left handed shooter. I have witnessed the demise of several deer with this rifle. It is a awesome caliber.

If you gotta get rid of it, I can make room under my Christmas tree. You're welcome.
Thanks for the offers guys. I need to stay pretty firm on this price as this a about a $3800 package.

This one's gotta go Price dropped $2900.
I'm going to finish framing my house and need to free up some funds for building materials
Still for sale. any interest in this as a .338 Lapua brand new barrel for the $3100
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