Coyotes useing Guerilla tactics

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Apr 3, 2004
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Local Rancher owns 90 acres in the east bay of San Francisco Bay area.Mixture of grassy rolling wooded hills.Been out there 35 times and shot just one coyote!Came in on a crow call?.Owner just today said they hear them every night at about midnight.They launch raiding parties netting ranchers chickens and domestic dog food.Request Counter attack stratgy,How do I draw fire from enemy forces?
Depending on the terrain, 90 acres will yeild one dog at a time. It big enough for 2, maybe three stands during an outing.
If he is hearing a bunch, they are travelling a big area and won't always be on his 90. To score more you could try late at night when they are packed up or try using howls to pull them from the neighbors to investigate the "stranger"
Getting permission from the neighbors should be easy if there is a problem of livestock predation. That will give you more ground to hunt making a particular outing more productive.
Some times it has taken me four days to figure out how a pack is running in an area. I will usually be at a pre-determined spot early in the morning (before daylight)and just watch for at least 2 hrs.

If nothing shows then I move to another spot the next morning, do the same thing. I also will do this 1 1/2 hrs before dark.

This tactic has worked very well for me over many yrs., for 85% of the coyotes I taken have been the watch and stalk method. Find where they are traveling, then do the "ambush"
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Couple tactics that work very well on top of what everyone else has said already.

Need a decoy out in front to draw their attention. Many times they will sneak in and not see anything and go back out. They expect to see something in trouble.

Several small ones with tails that wave in wind are for sale and some are battery operated to give them a twitch. Small stuffed animal with squirrel tail attached works. Look in varmint hunter magazine.

Little late in year but still works very well, try fawn call. Normally they come in hot and heavy on this one as they love fawns from April to July. 12 ga 3" with BBs works well to have if set up allows close shots. Expect fast enemy charge thru the wire, close quarter combat by multiple opponents.

Sneak in and call very softly with mouse squeaker or rabbit call before going loud on other calls.

Check the fence lines for low spots. Coyote will go a mile to cross a fence by going under versus easily hopping over. They have crossing spots, find them. With farmers permission can easily make a crossing and they will find it and use it.

Electronic kitty cat meows work well. Tabby is hor dourve to coyote.

This is how I got my handle years ago. $50 for pair of ears county bounty.


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If the coyotes are coming in near the ranch harrassing domestic dogs, then wait till they come in and you'll just have to be waiting for them with a good winchester
You could try baiting them near the scene of the crime. I agree about the Winchester...12 Ga and #4 buck.
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