Coyote #7

Clayne B

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Nov 15, 2011
Saratoga Springs, Ut
Finally got another one. This one must have busted me because i seen it when it was on its way out of town. It was quartering away at a brisk trot and. I swung the gun over and whooopped and it did not stop, i had about 2 seconds to make the shot before it went into a wash. it felt like one motion, swing over whooop bam... WHACK. But it kept going. I then ranged it to where I shot at it. 236 Yards. Daisy and I walked down to see if we could find it, I walked right to where i shot it. Daisy was sniffing all over the place. no blood... she took of sniffing. she tracked it down. went about 100 yards.

Here is a pic from where i was sitting. after I shot it.


Daisy sitting for her picture


Sneaky Coyote

I can't tell if Daisy is to happy about the death of one of her distant relatives or not, good shootin!!:rolleyes:
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