Coyote #8

Clayne B

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2011
Saratoga Springs, Ut
Started the day off with the most exciting stand ever. My friend Steve and I were set up about 50 yards apart. I seen 2 coyotes come in and I was waiting for him to shoot ione. and he didnt He could not see them from where he was sitting. Little did I know he was watching 3 other coyotes. I took the shot on the bigest of the 2 coyotes, and a running shot at the 2nd.. Then got on on the call to see if i could bring it back, then I hear Steve BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!!!! HA HA. he was shooting at one that was 550 yards away and on the move. So I keep calling and I see ANOTHER one! at about 600 yards away in I different spot that Steve is shooting at. I ranged it and was getting on my gun and it took off befor I could send one its way.

6 Coyotes on one stand. talk about exciting!

Here is a pic of the one I got, Shot it at 172 yards





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