coues deer


Oct 7, 2001
Northern Arizona
Has any of you guys tried hunting the Coues whitetail deer. I think they are about the perfect animal for long range hunting. Lots of glassing live in country that a stalk is almost impossible and if you do spot one chances are a stalk would take you hours. I would suggest giving them a try if you get the chance great animal and a ton of fun to hunt also very addicting.
I agree. I have booked my first Coues deer hunt for this coming late January. It will be with Kirk Kelso of Pusch Ridge Outfitters and we will hunt in Sonora, Mexico.

Kirk is a member of the Long Range Hunting Forum but I am sure he is out on a hunt somewhere as we speak.
I don't know Kirk Kelso personally but if you read or pay any attention to Coue deer you see tons of articles with Kirk in them. In Arizona he is a very popular coues guide I cant think of anyone that produces better results. Good luck wish I was going down there with you. ps let us know how you did love those coues.
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