Copper removal


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May 12, 2006
I just went back out the the range to try my new chrono using the same loads i recently shot a little better than .75" with. 72.5 to 73 of IMR 4831 in 7 mm stw with 140 tsx. Except this time i could only manage 1.25". I went to cleaning and man after about 20 patches of sweets finally no blue. What is the best way to remove copper on the Barnes bullets and do you guys think that was probably my problem? Prir to sweets i had been using butches bore shine.


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Jun 7, 2004
About 5 years ago, I got onto the moly-coated bullet bandwagon. A year later, I was off the bandwagon. However, in the case of Barnes X bullets only, I still tumble them in moly and rub them down hard before loading them. Keeping the moly from building up is easier on the barrel than removing the copper fouling caused by these bullets. I get a lot of black out of the barrel instead of a lot of blue. Moly has it's own set of problems, but it does cut way down on copper fouling. I haven't tried the Triple Shocks yet, but intend to do the same thing with them.

Sweets 7.62 and the Barnes copper solvent are aggresive enough that I immediately cleaned behind them with # 9. That just increased the number of cleaning rod passes to an unacceptable level for me.

This is not a recommendation, just my conclusion.


ol mike

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Aug 21, 2005
Back in the south -NW FL..
After a shooting session -

a couple of patchs use general motors top engine cleaner -let soak for a bit 1-2 patchs =carbon gone.

then use wipe-out accelerator -work up a lather -give it a minute or two to soak.

send wipe-out foam in for a night soak -one patch in and out -then one oily patch =copper gone.

I use a pistol type caliber 'mop' to swab out the chamber area also.

Wipe-out w/accelerator and you'll never use another brush applied solvent.
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