Cooper M52 & Nosler Legacy range report


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Dec 5, 2011
I went to the range today with my Cooper for the first time. It is a model 52 Excalibur in 25-06. I also brought a Nosler Legacy in .270 win. This was the 3rd and last range trip with the Nosler.

I loaded 6 different loads with the Cooper, 5 of which shot under an inch. Three of the six loads shot under Cooper's 1/2 MOA guarantee. I was very pleased with this, as I am first and foremost a hunter. I usually switch out the trigger on factory guns, as a Timney set on the lightest weight, 1.5lbs is fine. When I purchased the Cooper is was heavier then my usual Timney triggers, but after adjusting it, it is definitely lighter than 1.5lbs. I don't have anything to measure the pull, but I would say it is at 1lb or less.

The quality of the Cooper is great and I am very satisfied with the purchase. Now to the Nosler. Nosler's Legacy has a .75 MOA guarantee, which now I only see a 1" guarantee for their current line of rifles. After the first range trip, I was unable to achieve the guarantee and some loads were very bad, grouping over 3". I called Nosler and they actually sent me a box of factory, Nosler ammo for free. I went to the range a second time and the best group I could get was right as 1" with the provided factory ammo. The Nosler is not a cheap rifle at $2,595 MSRP, I want to it shoot the guarantee. Well, this was the 3rd trip to the range with the Nosler and after several new loads, the best I could achieve was .91" at 100 yards. I know this is fine for hunting in my area, but I feel like I could get this in a cheaper factory gun, or buy another Cooper and easily shoot 1/2MOA.

The gun is in perfect condition and I feel as it will be better to just sell on than try to hassle with the factory again.
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