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    I noticed you drew an antelope tag in unit 76. I drew the same tag and would like to talk with you a little bit about the area. I am brand new to the LRH site. It looks like you are from that area (or at least a lot closer than I am). Just wondering if you might have any tips on where to start looking. I have talked with a few people, the conservation officer in the area, looked at maps, etc. but there is only so much info I can come up with without actually taking a trip over there. I wont be able to get over there opening day, or even opening week more than likely. And coming from Boise I wont be able to make too many trips for the season. Any tips on what to expect? If so, let me know and if you ever need any help with deer, antelope, elk or bear in any areas I know I would be more than happy to help you out.

    Thanks in advance.
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