Cooking up some deer blocks


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Aug 8, 2012
Biloxi, MS
Just have to see how this works but I got the bright idea to try to tackle this. I am mixing peanut butter, water, apple juice, Quaker oats, cracked corn, granulated molasses, sweet feed, minerals, and rice bran together to make deer blocks. Tired of paying $10 a piece for them. Trying to bake them, freeze them, and vacuum seal them to see what works the best. Looks pretty good so far. Whatcha think?


That sounds like it would be good for human consumption. I'm up in a tree bow hunting and have only had one meal the entire day. You made me hungry lol
If you can get it to hold together I bet you would have yourself a pretty tasty block for them.
Well the cake pan block broke in half. The shallow square block is just right. Still waiting on my canister block and vacuum sealed block to freeze.


Instead of baking, you could go the "candy" route and use cane syrup to make giant Jolly Roger hard blocks. You just have to get the sugar to the right temp to make it harden.

Below is a link for the basic technique. You could use a milk jug or coffee can for the mold and put a length of rope in before it hardens so you have something to hang it with.

How To Make Hard Candy -
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