Contender barrel question


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Aug 4, 2009
I have a 22lr. pistol barrel that is threaded on the inside of the muzzle. What is this used for?
I vaguely remember those,but can't remember why the threads. I know that they had .44 and .357 shot barrels and wonder if they could have made a shot barrel for the .22. Just a SWAG .
I've spoken with someone who knows a lot about contenders. He thinks its been done by a gun smith for a make shift suppressor. I don't know why or what for. But it sounds reasonable. Let me re state that. I'm still stumped.
I agree with Rosebud, suppressor adapter. IME it was somewhat common to use internal threads on SA HG's where the barrel did not extend past the slide.for suppressor adapters. My guess is it carried over to this application.

I know you guys understand what I'm talking about but a pictures worth a thousand words…..Thanks for all response.