Comparing The Top Chronographs On The Market


Mar 6, 2008
Thank goodness the MagnetSpeed Chronograph hit the market several years ago followed by the LabRadar. They have both been proven by industry experts like Brian Litz in side-by-side testing of all the top chronos to be at the very top of the heap in terms of accuracy. And their ease of setup and use is truly a game changer.
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I'm in the market for a good chronograph and these two top my short list.

Seems Lab Radar is faster to put into action and can read more than muzzle velocity.

The Magnetospeed V3 is nice once you know the shims each of your firearms need. And it's a bit less than the Lab Radar unit.

I'm still debating this purchase. "Buy once, cry once."

Eric B.
I was originally looking at these 2 exact platforms over the winter, though I've not yet had the chance to get my LabRadar out the the range yet this year.

For ME the deciding factor was the ability to record the velocity at 5 used-configured ranges. I design bullets as a hobby, and there's nothing better for determining BC than actually measuring the velocities and calculating accordingly. I also shoot on a 120-yard range setup, so I can essentially measure the velocity falloff (to determine BC) over as much of the bullet's flight as possible.

Alternatively, it makes for a good verification of manufacturers' (or your reloading buddy's) ballistic coefficient claims.
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