Chronograph selection - Budget!

Freddie Hunt

Sep 20, 2012
Hi Guys,
I think my chrony is a bit on the poor side so want to buy a better one. Can anyone recommend a reliable one at an affordable price($100-$200)?
What Sully said plus build a white plastic cover for it so that the effect of changing sky light doesn't mess with the readings.

I split a 25 gal white plastic drum, stuck some legs on it with a piece of cloth to hang on the sunny side. The whole thing is better that a foot above the inexpensive chrony.

It is now very consistent in its readings. Increased the value by a factor of 2 or 3 in my book.
I've had several chronographs in the past 20+ years and of the budget units the Pro Chrono Digital is easily and without any doubt the best of them.
Never misses a shot, much less susceptible to sun angle errors, easy to set up, huge shooting area, and accurate.
Add the USB connectivity kit and your laptop becomes the remote control and display as well as providing additional graphing and data manipulation functions.

I've had three Shooting Chrony models and their numerous sensor errors were a constant source of frustration. WHEN they picked up the bullet with both sensors they were accurate however. That goes to show that the easy part of making a chronograph is making an accurate crystal clock. The hard part is making reliable sensors.

The Pro Chrono Digital has them despite the low price. The SC's do not IME.
I have Pro Chrono Digutal, and an Oehler 35 one about a hundred, the other, 500 dollars. The Pro Chrono does a great job and will stand will perform as well as the more expensive unit.
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