Choosing an allround 308W bullet

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  1. Arcticrat

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    Nov 30, 2009
    I am looking at choosing an allround bullet for my Rem 308W.

    I am fairly new to reloading, when I bought the Rem700 400 nosler CC, 200 lapua scenar came with it. These I have been able to load up and group pretty well.

    Some stuff about the rifle :

    • 700 with varmint barrel
    • BR Reflex suppessor
    • CG Jackson 500gram trigger
    • McM HTG Adj stock
    • Versapod Bi-pod
    • NF 3.5-15x F1 Mil/Mil scope
    Shoots nicely.

    What I am looking for is an allround hunting (expanding) bullet. Read alot about Berger VLD Hunting, and that it can be tricky to group. Else there is Hornady, Nosler, Sierra and a couple others that are readily avaiable here in Norway. Yes, I live in Norway. Primarily use Norma powder so recipes on loads could be tricky to convert.

    Will be used on Doe/buck, deer and caribou (reindeer - smaller than the North American one), and anything else that requires expanding bullets. On large foul incl grouse(winter time) I use a Lapua Lockbase FMJ which I get for free.

    Any help or tips are greatly appreciated.

  2. Michael Eichele

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    Jan 6, 2003
    If youre using a 10 twist you will be very hard pressed to beat the 177 GS HV bullet. This offers a good BC, higher velocities, it will hold together at point blank and expand as low as 1500 FPS. With the balance between velocity, retained velocity, retained energy, durability and expansion and minimal wind drift, I think it could fill every possible need for the 308. This load could handle everything from jackrabbits to moose. I have never shot a moose with this bullet but have killed (cleanly) a very large arctic bull with the 180 X bullet even at a very slow speed. If the X bullet can do it, I am sure the GS bullet can do it.

    If you are using an 11 or 12 twist, the 200 Sierra game king is about the best all around bullet (IMHO) for the 308 Win. Agian, good BC, low expansion velocity, moderate wind drift and very reliable expansion. Bergers are nice and all but they have high velocity requiremnts for reliable expansion. Something the 308 does not have at long range.