Choate stocks

The Choate stocks are good I HAD one on my Savage .308 M10. What I don't like about them is the feeling. They FEEL plasticy or kinda "tupperwar-ish" and the butt stock is hollow (fixed that with some GREAT STUFF expanding foam) What I can see thats going to be a big hindrance for you is the left handed-ness Stockysstocks has a TON of better options for better prices but they are all right handed models.
A lot of people like them for their built in v block mount, but dislike the weight.

Lots of good features, especially for the bench.

haha ohhhh you dont have to tell me i have been fighting that battle the whole time that is why i was thinking about going with the choate
Being 100% honest mine was an amazing stock. I will NEVER bad mouth Choate stocks @ all as far as quality. My ONLY beef is the feel of them.
Is it just the finish that makes it feel like that? I plan on repainting it do you think that will help?
Correct its just the finish. It feels more "glockish" as opposed to Hs Precision or Bell & Carlson. Painting it could change the feel of it. Just make very sure you ruff it up some as the factory texture will not let paint adhere to it well (voice of experience.)
Keep in mind I tried to refinish mine with some spray in bed liner.
what does that v-block actually mean

They have an aluminum block built into the action support that holds the action in a v, kinda like machining blocks. Centers and holds very well and backs up the recoil lug nicely. I don't even bed mine. Torque to about 35 inch pounds and you're all set.

I still have an extra Ultimate Varmint stock for a Savage 4.275" bolt pattern in a box for future projects.

ohhhh ok thats awesome just more good news about this stock! thanks for the insite always nice to learn that stuff
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