Chevy driver buys Ford!


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May 3, 2001
Well, not quite – but close! Other than a handful of Nightforce and B&L scopes, I have been a very happy and loyal Leupold owner. I like them a lot and generally recommend them to anyone buying a new scope.

But, recently I needed a 4.5-14 scope and at some urging from my gun smith, I decided to try a Weaver Grand Slam. My previous experience with Weaver scopes has not been great and up till now I have given them a pretty wide birth. However the Grand Slam came with a very strong recommendation from my gunsmith, so with some trepidation I bit the bullet and bought one.

I must admit I am impressed. The optics are at least on a par with the Leupold Vari III and they come standard with a low profile target style adjustment (I dial in for long range shots - no holding over for me). I am going to put this on a long range hunting rig and will hopefully try it on game in a month or so. I will let you know how it goes.

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