CCI 250 primers?


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Mar 1, 2009
Northwest Ohio
I have been looking for CCI 250 primers since March. I cannot find them at any of the local shops. I have a backorder at several mail order catalogs. I am at wits end. Has anyone found a supplier that has these primers? I have a new 338 edge that is just waiting to be shot. I have tried the WLRM primers, but the loads just do not group like I feel they should. I would appreciate any leads on these primers. Also has anyone had good experiences with Federal mag primers and the .338 edge.using the 300SMK? Thanks for responses.

I had the same problem for a while.Started going into the local shop 2 times a week. And sure enough primers. No bench rest primers.I haven't seen them in a year and nether have they. CCI 250 primers started to show up Last week. I will check tomorrow, if they still have some I Will get you some.

Regards Mike
I don't know where you are in Ohio but there's a shop here in Western PA that had some 250's and some 215's. If you want to make the trip PM me and I'll get you in touch w/ them.
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