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May 9, 2001
In case some of you have never tried them, there is a fellow by the name of Bob Cauterucio making some VERY nice custom bullets. They are available in a wide selection of calibers and weights.
These bullets may be the best kept secret out there for the long range hunter. Although many match bullets have a thin jacket, the Cauterucio's are as thick and in some cases thicker, than the Siera MK. They also have higher BC's than the Sierra's in most categories. I will be trying them this fall on deer and will post the results.
The following projectiles will be tested:

6.5, 141 grs. BC-.630
6.5, 129 grs. BC-.610
7mm, 156 grs. BC-.615

The BC's that Bob has are estimations, but seem to be right on when entered in a ballistic program and compared to actual drop.
If you are looking for a new long range hunting bullet, these are definitely worth a try.

What has the performance of the LRBT been and what caliber have you used them for? What load data do you have?
I'll 2nd Prime Time's recommendation. I shoot the 156s & 176s in a 7mm Remington Ultramag.

The 176s achieved a 198-9x in the Wimbledon Cup at Camp Perry last month. They'll shoot....
dear daveosok

If you get an answer from Nighhawk that will be a miracle since some posts Nighthawk seem confuse to give real informations except I have try , that work and I make ONE HOLE GROUP

No more comment

and if you sucess to get information(s) on LRB
..............let me know .

Another company make nice long range bullet that Clinch River Bullet ( jacqueted match bullet ) in 6.5 and 30 cal .

enjoy real and true informations , share ghost is just loosing time

good shooting

I'm using a 220 grain J40. THe load data for that round is 96.0-102.0 grains of RL-25. The load I was using on that one was 97.0 grains. Being stuck here in Minnesota I don't have many to go shooting at long range even though we do have a 1000 yard one, but it is costly. I did get one-hole groups from the 100 yard line believe it or not.
Prime Time,

Do they sell the Cauterucio bullets online or have a catalogue? I've heard a lot about these bullets the last couple of years, but I can never seem to find any to try out.

They are available from John Hoover in Pennsylvania (Accuracy One Supply) and directly from Bob Cauterucio. Bob can be reached at 650-583-1550.
Greg Seigmund (spelling?) is who you need to speak with at Clinch River. He makes very good bullets in a process that only himself and Bob use that I'm aware of. CR bullets were used to shoot the IBS LG group record a couple of weeks back, and they have multiple match wins already in 6.5 and 30 caliber.
He's the one the pulls the levers when making the bullets and he pulls a good trigger at matches also. I talk with him at almost every match. Nice guy to BS with also on top of making good bullets.


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