Cartridge OAL help?


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Apr 2, 2009
Making new load for 243 using WIN760 powder and using FED LRP no 210. Found decent load with it but want to tighten up groups. OAL is now 2.625. How much would i need to change OAL to see a difference? Would i go .002 or .050 in OAL. Can i go below suggested OAL from powder company? They suggested 2.625 and in Hornady reloading manual they used 2.610 for an OAL with the same powder. I am using Nosler 70 gr BT. Shooting a Savage model 110. Any help would be appreciated.:rolleyes:
Seating depth should be determined by your chamber. You need to measure your chamber then figure out what seating depth works best with your bullets.
determining your optimal OAL. That can only be done from testing. Some folks set everything against the lands. I start at nominal OAL (from the loadbook) and inch forward about .010" at a time. Once I find the length that my rifle likes, I'll back off .010" and creep in by .002" increments. I want the *exact* favorite length. THIS IS A QUOTE FROM Reloading MATCH ammunition
Well thanks for reply. I will try that. The OAL that my rifle liked was at 2.630,but that was with a different powder. Using same bullets and primer just changed the powder. Does changing powder change your OAL or does it stay the same?
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