cant decide, any help?


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Nov 30, 2009
Central Texas
i have been wanting a .308 for over a year now. i have always wanted a savage 10fcp in an a5, but i feel like it would be smarter for me to get a r700 sps tac instead. why? because ill be out half as much money at first, its a shorter more compact gun (id like to hunt with it) and remingtons bolt feels a little smoother than the savages. i figure if i dont lose interest in this hobby i can still get a mcm stock later on as i get the money and stuff. i would hate to spend a grand right off the bat on a 10fcp and then lose interest if that makes sense. should i get go ahead and get the r700? thanks for any ideas
Of your 2 choices, I would be happier with the Savage...kinda get what you pay for but, that's me. Doesn't sound like your sure whether your really going to enjoy shooting enough to stay with it. There's nothing less enjoyable than a rifle that doesn't shoot as well as you expected. What has you thinking you may loose interest?
Dear sir, if you havent even obtained your equipment and you are already making plans for loss of interest, I would urge you to spend as little as possible up front. Better yet dont spend anything until the bug bites you harder.
maybe that came out wrong

i dont think i will lose interest and and i dont plan on it at all. in fact, i have been wanting a savage 10fp for over a year now. im a member on sniper central and snipers hide and ive been doing as much research as possible in that time. now i have the money for a gun and i just cant decide what to get. im saying IF i do lose interest or dont have the time to shoot really often, i will be out $500 less if i go with the sps tac or 10fp rather than the 10fcp if that makes sense. but between the 700 sps tac or the 10fp, im kinda leaning towards the rem and i want some input on which i should go with and why :)

i want the sps over the 10fp because i feel like its tried and true, everyone and their mom has a rem 700 so i feel like it has to be a good rifle. the bolt on the rem is a little smother and tighter than the savage imo and the barrel is already cut down to 20" which i like a lot. the rems have a ton of aftermarket stuff available for them so i have a lot more options later on down the road if i chose to go that route.
rjackh, listen to yourself-read your last paragraph...I think you have already made your decision and are maybe looking for someone to second the motion. OK I second the motion-get the've convinced me when I read your post. It's what you want and you list several supporting reasons...Go for it!:)
haha ya your right. ive called a few stores around college station and houston and none of them have one in stock and dont know when they can get one. this sucks. it would be my luck to finally decide on a rifle for my self right around christmas when you cant get anything in the mail ya know.

looks like i might be buying from a gunsmith that i know can get me one in 3-4 wks. kinda ****es me off because i wanted to hunt with it in a couple wks but deer season will probably be over by the time i get it.
Probably not alot on consolation but, look for the silver lining...For one you'll get what you want and two you'll have plenty of time to practice, work up a favorite load and who knows maybe put some nice accessories on it. :)
well crap i cant find a sps tac anywhere in stock and the soonest i can get one is like 3 weeks. whats the difference in the sps tactical and sps varmint? just the barrel length? i might can deal with the extra inches of barrel if i can get the gun now instead of waiting a month
went to a really good gun store today. the guy behind the counter has nearly sold me on an FN TSR XP in .308. i know its twice as much but dollar for dollar he says it cant really be beat. its light and is a good hunting platform for me while i save up for a better stock and glass later on. any input on this? i really like the claw extractor and built in dbm. everything is like cold forged or something so the metal is denser and stiffer. recessed crown is a plus too. damnit i was sold on a 700 now im about to spend twice as much...
i guess i saw the light?

haha well i had never handled any of my choices much and had always wanted a savage. after handling some 700's and 10fp's i liked the feel of the remington action better. remington has way more aftermarket support which will help me out in the long run.

put down a payment to have a 700 sps-v shipped in, should have it by thursday. cant wait. i plan to put on a buckmaster 3-9x40 with BDC or vortex dback 3-9x40 or 3.5-10x50 with BDC for now. ill use a seekins 20moa base not sure what rings yet. when i have the money for a long range scope and stuff the buckmaster will go on my 6.8 ar which needs a new scope badly
Congratulations on the 700 sps, send us some pics when you get it and let us know what scope you go with and how she shoots. Probably feels good to have made the you can sit back and enjoy. Did you stay with the 308 caliber?
yep. need to find good rounds for coyote and whitetail. im guessing theres threads on here about round choice for both, ill look around.
congrats on the sps-v my buddy has one in .243 win shoots great he did restock it though myself i have an sps tactical in .308 haven't had a chance to get load testing done yet but can hold just under an inch at 100yds with 150gr core lokts cant wait to get to range with handloads trying 168gr bergers but that will have to wait til hunting season ends. My son took a 6pt with it.
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