**Can I customize my ballistic app???


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Mar 30, 2008
OK, so I am wondering how to customize my ballistic app.

I have my app on my I phone. Called Ballistic.

I am wondering if its possible to customize this based on my ACTUAL drop that I am verifying in the field.

For example my 308, my app says this

300 yards the app says 1.21 mil but I actually need a full 1.3 mil
at 500 yards the app says 2.98 mil but I actually need 3.25 or so.
But at 800 it says 6.51 mil and that seems about perfect.
as does the 900 mark, app says 7.96 and its about perfect too.

SO, can I customize and put in the actual values, so it makes sense. If I just adjust the velocity, then one set of numbers will change but the other set of numbers will too. And I dont want that because they are just what I want them to be.


Thanks in advance
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