Burris Signature Rings good or bad?


Feb 3, 2010
Mounting my first scope, a Zeiss Conquest 44mm on a .308 Savage 10 FCP with Ken Farrell base. Many different options, including Quick Detachable Rings from Leupold and others..but ran into the Burris Signature line and was impressed with the THEORETICAL advantages of the inserts, soft inserts, and the +/- inserts to get MOA and or windage alignment. Burris has a great video on the concept at their website. www.burrisoptics.com. anyway....has anyone used these and had good or bad experiences or comments? Thanks again to all forum members for sharing their time and wisdom. Bill
Love em.


Slowly but surely they are finding their way onto all of my rifles. The benefits are not theoretical, they're real.

I could go into all the advantages but I'm sure they must be on the video.
Three custom remington 700's and all wear burris signature rings -i have all my scopes adjusted so that the scopes are very close to the center of the click range .Except the 280ai and it has 20moa offsets.
I use them on everything. The 30mm come with the Zero offset and the .010" off sets. I set them to give me a 20MOA slope on my double dovetail bases.

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