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For chuck hunting and practice at long range would a big eye rig made of burris mini spotters be a bad idea? I was thinking of the 20x50mm because of the size and weight they would be nice to carry. Anyone have any thoughts on these opicts? And I guess I would have to come up with a bracket myself because they are so small. The price isn't bad eather about 70$ a spotter.
Bubb,I have looked through a pair of them and they are worth looking at....For a pack in hole or anyplace else for that matter they would work well.I have plans on putting together at least 2 pair.......
I went to the Burris site.. they seem real nice. I have had Burris scopes and I am inpressed by them..

I couldn't find a price on them .. if you say they are only $70 a pair.. count me in...

Boyd.. who makes the brackets??? Why wait lets do this now?? Seems like the price is right and I can get a real good field evaluation for posting to the board in May on the guided PD hunts!!!

e-mail me and let me know...
I have a set of the Weaver 50MM spotters in an adjustable bracket that are outstanding and VERY light weight.

They are tripod adaptable and the optics are extremely clear.

The 60mm, 70mm and 80mm spotters when put into a bracket, are better for viewing but, for packing in, the smaller 50mm spotters will work fine as long as you keep the power of the eyepieces from 15X to 22X.


None of the smaller 50MM spotters are good as the Bushnell Spacemasters, the Swift 60MM, the 77mm and 82 MM Kowa. Add to that the large Military ships optics to.

The Mini units are for packing in and they will work just fine for that purpose. For long periods of time glassing the far mountains, the larger objective lens units are much easier on your eyes.

The Weaver eyepieces are very large and they are 20X which is perfect for this unit.

The price on the mini Weavers (when you can find them as they don't make the Weaver in the model I have anymore) with the adjustable bracket is $450.00 to $500.00.

Mine are not for sale and I don't have another set of the Mini units to sell at this time.

The bracket to put the mini units (Burris or whatever) in will run you $150.00 to $200.00

I sent you and Boyd a pic.

Boyd, let me know how they come out, and what mount you use. They seem so small that I thought I would have to come up with a bracket myself. I would love to see a set put together.
Hey DC...

No pic.. you can e-mail me the pic and the price.. but you may want to post the size of the unit too.. Also how do these compare to the spacemasters as far as clarity and quality???

e-mail me .. I wouldn't mind putting together a pair.... just to see if they would work for what I do...
You want the bracket as strong as you can to keep the scopes in collimation..

They must also be able to slide in and out (left and right) to adjust to the width of a persons eye spacing. They must then be able to lock in place.

This whole unit only weighs 4# and when they are on a tripod, work very well.
I have a pair of Swift 20x50 angle glasses. In a bracket very light. Don't know what I'm going to do with them since everyone I hunt with is getting to old to backpack in. Probably should not have bought them.
There is another guy in PA, Jerry Phillips who advertises in Precision Shooting, that had the mini big eyes sets in various models to include the Weavers and other. He also makes all types of big eyes. Might want to look and call him, do not have his card with phone on it.

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