Burris compact spotters Boyd



Hey Boyd, I recall you said you where working on a set of bigeyes for someone. And you where going to use the burris compacts in 20x? Did that project ever come about and if so how did it turn out? If possible would love to see a pic. But any help or info would be great.

I hammered out a set of 'big-eyes' using the Burris Landmark Compacts. This was my first try at a set of big-eyes and I used linear rails instead of the rods & bushings as I don't have a way to drill 4 parallel holes.

Total price was under $200 but the time investment was somewhat high (perfect for a DIY project, IMO).

Is there anyone in the Dallas area I can meet sometime with a set of real big-eyes so I can check these for quality?

Please e-mail me at [email protected] or post here if you can help.
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