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    Mr. Jensen and others. I was reading a past post on light high bc bullets. What kind of BC could you get making a .277 bullet of about 200gr. How fast could you pust this kind of bullet from a long barrel rifle. Thanks for your time.
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    Sep 10, 2001

    I'm certainly no expert at ballistics, but for a given FORM or shape of bullet, BC is proportional to weight, ergo, find one that has a published BC and increase it at the same ratio as the weight goes up. There are several computer programs available that will give you an idea about potential velocity(quickload or loadfromadisk), but one of the issues you'll have to deal with is twist rate and that bullet would require a pretty quick twist rate, certainly faster than 1:9. you might find some help at cybermesa.com about that. All in all I think many of the pioneers here at LRH have paved ground ahead of you and you can save a lot of money by following in their steps. JMHO

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    Jul 6, 2002
    ifyou check best B bllet in neighbor caliber as 6.5 ( .264 cal ) and 7 mm ( 0.284 cal ) you find

    6.5 cal 140/142 gr is around 0.6
    7 cal is just bellow 0.7 withthe 180 gr Berger

    0.270 is a 0.277 so something in the 150/160 gr bullet ( lead core , copper jacket ) can be able to get a BC in the 0.6 , if you siwicht lead core for tungsten alloy you can increase your BC ( increase weight without change outside dims an profile )but bullet became verycostly

    note to get bullet stabilized best is to staayin bulletlenght under 5 cal lenght , arrow is not a bullet .

    270 cal is not a real popular shooting caliber