Bull Moose in AK


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Jul 19, 2020
Temple, TX
Hi Everyone, just returned from the 1st season bull moose hunt in AK with Hunt AK Outfitters (Huntalaska withus.com). With the outfitter's help I was lucky enough to draw the DM823 tag for hunting in "Unit 21CD & 24CD within the Koyukuk Controlled Use Area upstream from Gisasa River." The owner is a cantankerous 79 year-old Vietnam War veteran, Virgil Umphenour, who still spends all 20+ days of the two seasons out in camp with the hunters and runs a great operation. Anyway, its a pricey trip but they have some great genetics in the area and after 31/2 days of cold drizzle and a slow start to the rut, the clouds broke and I was able to take a moose of a lifetime. We saw a cow almost immediately after we climbed the bank into the long grass lake (meadow) we got to within 300 yards of her angled across the meadow (about 110 yards wide) and waited before starting to grunt and rake. Immediately, we got a response beyond the cow and a few minutes later this giant emerged from the willows about 400 yards out. He closed to 333 yards and proceeded to tear apart a willow stand. He then "waddled" (he was so big he dipped his head as he walked) another 120+ yards to get between the cow and us. I was ready to pull the trigger but my native guide, Alvin, said he could call him in closer. The moose came across the meadow, to get downwind of us I think, and then hung up around 125 yards out. I had my 30-year old Wby 300 perched on a walking stick ready for him to emerge from the willows when all of a sudden Alvin cow-called. Now, I'm not criticizing his calling but the moose surely didn't appreciate it. He grunted and retreated 50-60 yards. Luckily he gave me one last shot opportunity. He walked back across the meadow towards the cow presenting a broadside shot at about 190 yards. Just as I was about to pull the trigger Alvin blurted out "don't shoot... let him get to the yellow grass because he's standing in water." About 4 steps later he cleared the green grass and boom, the 180 gr Accubond went a little high but shattered through a rib (on both sides) sending parts of the jacket and bone splinters through both lungs and into his spine. The bull didn't take another step and luckily came to rest on dry ground. It would take us almost 8 hours to break him down and pack him the 500 or so yards to the boat. Thanks for reading & hope you enjoy the pix! Oh and he measured 70.5 inches wide!!


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Congrats! Moose of a lifetime for sure. Depending on where you hunt moose you either want them in the water or out of the water. Haha. If you hiked in, you want them on land. If you can drive a boat to them, you want them in/very near the water. Nice job!
Thanks guys. It really was an awesome experience. Can't wait to get the antlers and meat after their season ends. Oh and I did recover the bullet. Part of it punched thru the far-side hide in what looked like a small circle but the jagged back-half (now weighing 92 grains and measuring .834 in at its widest point) was caught up between the hide and the hole in the rib.