.300 weatherby mag

  1. HappyGVM

    Bull Moose in AK

    Hi Everyone, just returned from the 1st season bull moose hunt in AK with Hunt AK Outfitters (Huntalaska withus.com). With the outfitter's help I was lucky enough to draw the DM823 tag for hunting in "Unit 21CD & 24CD within the Koyukuk Controlled Use Area upstream from Gisasa River." The...
  2. DNADave

    Help with .300 Weatherby Mag load data

    As part of a transaction I did to get a bunch of ammo boxes, I also got several bags of miscellaneous .308 caliber bullets. I have load data for most, but two I'm particularly interested in giving a try I have no usable data: Barnes 168gr TSX BT and Barnes 175gr LRX. You can indeed find load...