1. O

    Shiras Moose, Field Scoring

    No category for moose under hunting forums so wasn't sure where to put this. I would like to see some pics of your Shiras Moose and the score if you know it. I have been a long time big game hunter but this year is my first Moose hunt in Idaho. Idaho resident. TIA.
  2. jordanrw23

    Montana Archery Moose

    My wife was able keep it calm and cool while I called this bull in to give her a 17 yard broadside shot with her Mathews Jewel bow. On October 2nd.
  3. HappyGVM

    Bull Moose in AK

    Hi Everyone, just returned from the 1st season bull moose hunt in AK with Hunt AK Outfitters (Huntalaska With the outfitter's help I was lucky enough to draw the DM823 tag for hunting in "Unit 21CD & 24CD within the Koyukuk Controlled Use Area upstream from Gisasa River." The...
  4. tactlt

    Dakota Arms Model 76 Custom Bolt Action Rifle

    Dakota Arms Model 76 Custom Bolt Action Rifle Appears Unfired, Caliber 300 Dakota Early (3 digit SN) Custom Built by Don Allen and Pete Grisel co-founder of the American Custom Gun Makers Guild Extraordinary Figured Walnut Stock, Wrap Around Multi-Point Checkering, Shadow Line Cheekpiece...
  5. NEMTHunter

    Montana 2019 Hunting Season. What did you Draw??

    Howdy yall. What have you all drawn for this year? (2019) If you want name the district. Maybe we could meet up in the field! Also what season does it cover Rifle or Archery? I will start out. I got a 631 Either Sex tag for Elk. Rifle season Only. Thanks! and Happy Hunting!