Browning Micro Medallion


Jan 7, 2008
I have a Browning Micro Medallion in .308; it has a 20" barrel. I would like to change the barrel on this gun because it's recoil and muzzle blast is just a bit more than I want; the muzzle flip is just too much as well. It sit's in the closet for most of it's life because of the recoil and muzzle blast; I only shoot 150's in it.

Can the barrels be changed on the Browning Micro's or am I stuck with it the way it is? If it could be changed do you have a ballpark price to get it done? Who does this type of work? I was thinking I would like to put a 7mm-08 barrel on it that was 22" long and shoot 120 or 140 grain ballistic tip bullets. Would the extra 2" of barrel and changing the caliber make it more user friendly; less blast and muzzle flip? Would it be better to just sell it and get what I want? I don't like the 20" barrel length at all; I would want a 22" barrel.
hey for what its worth I would sale it.but hey its just my opinion.and for the money you would get out of it you can put some more with it and get you a good remy.for me I would get a 5R in a 308.then you could still load for it.they love a 165g-175g bullet push with varget/4064.they all so site still in the that would help out with your muzzel jump and recoil.and I think it would be a waste of time to mess up a good looking browning.and the cost would be the cost of adding the money to get a different rifel. JMHO
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