Browning guru's please help


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Jan 7, 2008
I posted this before but now have more info. The rifle I am trying to identify is a 2003 Browning Bar Stalker 7mmwsm. This is what the Browning Customer service told me. Here's where it gets tricky it has a coated stainless barrel. The rep had to check with the production manager and after 10 mintues came back and told me they never offered a stainless barrel on the BAR and that it must have been rebarreled aftermarket. That's funny I say as it was a gift to my brother from his boss still in the factory box. Furthermore it has a strange flat black coating that matches the receiver and the serial numbers are still the original white. Her only response was that it is possible someone in the factory installed the wrong barrel on the gun. How does a stainless barreled gun get by quality control!!! I have since decided not to sell it but if any one here has anymore insight into what exactly the case is with this gun it would be great.
It has the gold trigger if that helps. Oh I also noticed it shoots to the same impact point cold and clean or warm and fouled. Never had a gun do that before.
Never mind a buddy who collects guns cleared it up. He told me to put a magnet on it and I did and it stick. Not stainless He said Browning makes the Chromemoly barrels a shiny silver color instead of Blued. Strange no one at Browning could tell me that.
Sounds like you figured it out, but remember that some stainless is slightly magnetic......might be 400 series. It's been a long time since metallurgy class, part of my welding training was identifying unknown metals. There are a few that will fool you once in a while.
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