browning brain teaser. who wants to give their thoughts on it.


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Aug 18, 2009
outside Houston, Texas
ok i have a belgium BAR .300 win mag. now this is a good rifle but it has one thing about it that isnt right.
heres what it does. the other day i was shooting it trying to sight it in so i could use it this year. first 3 shots went about 3 inches high at 100yds. so i drop it down to hit the bull. so i go to fire my usual 3 round group and first shot hits the bull. now heres where it starts bein a brain teaser. my second and 3rd shot went back up 3 inches high where the original 3 rounds went. so i think well maybe i didnt move it as much as i thought and it was just a mistake that i hit the bull with the 4th round i fired.
so i drop it down again and the first shot i fire hits the bull and the next to rounds go right back 3 inches high. this happened 5 times before i gave up.

so somebody give me some thoughts on why this gun keeps doin this. its done it for years. my grandpa claims that the rifle has done that from day one when he bought it 30 years go. i personally think the scope is bad, and it might be stuck and thats why it goes back to the same place. but my grandpa says that he's had 3 different scopes on it and it still does it.
It has to be the scope, If the CBS would go low and then all subsequent shots go high, how does that explain the first shot low then the rest go high after a scope adjustment on an already warm barrel.

Or is it the first shot loaded into the chamber manually that goes low, and all shots mechanically feed from the magazine that go high?
all shots are mechanically feed. i gave it a thought to that the bullet tips were being damaged in the magazine by the recoil but even if i shot without scope adjustment they still all went high.

interesting bit of information i got the other day. my grandpa and i were talking about it and he told a ginsmith friend of his about it several years ago and he said that he had delt with several rifles produce around that time that did the same thing. and that he would send them back to browning and they would come back shooting fine.
what they could do to change it is beyond me but maybe. im gonna try to get in touch with browning and see what they say.
same here. i dont see what about the gun itself would cause it to return to the same place over and over. the scope thats on it is a older model leupold and my guess would be that its froze up and the recoil sends it back to its zero after the first shot. im gonna get another scope and stick on it and see what happens. gun)
When a bolt gun starts kicking vertical here's a few things I check right away:

1. Optics. Make sure they work right.
2. Guard screws. make sure one isn't bottoming out against the bolt
3. Magazine box. It should be able to move up and down between the floor metal and the feed lip mortises in the action.
4. Is the barrel tight? (As dumb as this sounds, I've seen it)
5. Are the scope mounts tight? Screws loctited?
6. Muzzle brake tight?
7. Is the recoil lug sitting square against the stock? Is it bottoming out in the stock?
8. Are the guard screws tight? If its a 1/4-28 screw there's really no reason to much past 40 inch lbs on torque.
9. Is the floor metal sitting flat in the stock or is it bound up?
10. Barrel touching anywhere it shouldn't?
11. Weak striker spring?
12. Bolt handle hitting the stock?
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