Browning A bolt 2 in 300wsm


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Oct 7, 2003
Los Angeles, Ca
I Have heard from two guys that the Browning A bolt2 in 300WSM shoots excellent right out of the box... both guys have told me they got one ragged hole at 100 yards without much load developement.. Anybody else out there shoot this gun? Would love your input before I buy another rifle!


I have one (300WSM), but I wouldn't say it shoots one ragged hole. It shoots factory into about.8 inch. The best is 180 Nosler Partition with 68 grains of R19. Not fast 2930 fps. It also shoots the Hornady 150 SST with 70 grains of R19. Both of these bullets will do .4 inches. I have a leupold tacticle scope on it and feel confident for deer to 600 yards. It is picky about powder and bullets. Other combinations open up to and inch even 1.5 inches. I carried it for elk in Montana this fall, nice and light compared to my Sendero in 300 win mag. The Sendero goes under a .25 inch if I do my job. I consider my 300 WSM kind of a poor shooter, but it was my 32 wedding aniversary present so I'll be keeping it. Good enough for a light rifle I guess.
I have one with the BOSS on it. Nice light and shoots better than .5 moa with handloads and .75-1 moa with factory. More than adequate for poking holes in deer out to 500 or so.
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