I will say this- I had some Salomon LIGHT weight mountaineering boots once. Had a composite strap that went up the side then a "T" where is secured around your leg. OMG! When Traversing a mountain, they just DUG IN! NONE of this crap where the boot conforms to the mountain, taking the ankle with it! ANY other boot does that, even the best ones only somewhat less, but @ 3x the weight! 40 yrs ago I did a calculation on boot weight. On a long day, hunting and hiking- you could EASILY be lifting 20,000 POUNDS of BOOT! There's a couple things to consider. Good luck! (Another REALLY **** good boot) is ***"ZAMBERLAN!"*** MADE IN ITALY! **** GOOD BOOTS!! Keep an eye on seasonal sales or clearance. I will forever lean towards mountaineering boot specialists. Leave hunting boots in the dust. (Imho) but hunting boots do have their place/advantage sometimes.
I’ll be the fly in the ointment on this one—I have owned 2 pair of Kennetrek’s and both were sub par. They came apart—leaked soles wore fast…not impressed at all—matter of fact state parks guys down here used the hardscrabble for 2 seasons—and dropped them…again if they fit your feet and like them—by all means wear them…I like my Crispi Barksdale SF, Russell Grand slam sheep hunters, and for the mountains my Lanthrop and sons.