Insulated boots?


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Jan 16, 2018
hi all what do you guys wear for boots if going outside in colder temperatures. Like teens to -10 or so? I need a good boot that give me a lot of support. I have some that are comfortable and give good support but they are only 400gram and they don’t seem to be warm enough. My old boots always worked with 600 but they didn’t give me the comfort or support I needed. Could I make up the difference with socks? It basically only my toes that are getting cold. What would you recommend for socks?
BOOTS: Sorel Felt Pacs or (for backcountry skiing) SCARPA T3 plastic ski boots.

SOCKS: thin poly liner socks
3 mm closed cell neoprene foam divers socks
over the poly liners. These act as a Vapor Barrier Liner (VBL) to keep sweat from getting into your felt liners. This is ESSENTIAL for warm feet all day long. US Divers brand is best for these VBLs.

When camping remove socks, put poly liners in a ZipLoc bag (tightly sealed ;o) and turn the divers socks inside-out to dry for 15 minutes then put in the foot of your sleeping bag ALONG WITH your felt of foam boot liners so you have warm feet in the morning. Put on fresh liner socks and heavy wool "sleep socks".
It takes only one morning with painfully cold toes to remember to do this.

Hint-> Telescope your boot shell tops, one over the other, to keep out wind driven snow and place in your tent vestibule.

Eric B.
If your talking just cold temps then you can get battery operated heaters for your boots.
If your talking cold & snow as well then I even take my Sorel's here in Aus to the high country.
They do not offer much support really but do you want support or stop your toes from freezing.
I bought a set of Sorels on my 1st visit to Canada/Usa in 1992 & I still have them & use them occasionally.

If your trudging through snow they are the best thing for keeping you dry & warm.
Live and hunt in Maine, during deer season it goes down to as much as 10-, I'm partial to Lacrosse alpha burley pac style boot's. I like 1500gr insulated for extreme cold along with felt insoles. 1000gr are better for moving but you need all you can get for sitting. I also have a pair of the insulated overboots I carry to use when not moving. They work, was 2 hours into a stand sit at 6-8 degrees this past fall when I got My deer. $199. but you can catch them on sale for $129. Good support and great bottom lugs for all terrain. Tall and 100% waterproof for snow and water.
Just for laughs - This is a Cabelas Predator Extreme Pac boot (size 9). I wore these on a Lake Placid snow goose hunt. We sat in a frozen blind, in sub zero temperatures, for the entire day overlooking a few hundred decoys. I never saw a single goose. :rolleyes:
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I live and hunt in AZ. So take this info for what it is worth....but I HATE being cold.

Totally depends on your hunting style.

Active hunting in snow/0°ish weather?
I wear my non-insulated waterproof hikers (Solomon Quest 4D GTX) with light/medium weight wool socks. No problem.

Below that, I wear either my 400gr insulated Irish Setter Elk Trackers (most comfortable out of the box boot I have ever tried on) w. Wool socks or 800gr Vaprtrek w. Wool socks.

Sitting glassing for a couple hours then moving, Elk Tracker set up.

I don't do all day stands. But if I did, I would do an 800-1000+ insulated boot with heavy wool socks.
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